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Smart technology in-home care solutions, that grow and evolve as your care needs change

And that won’t break the bank


The need to help aging loved ones in some form is inevitable. It’s also likely that despite needing more and more help that your loved one wants to remain in their own home.

However, often the responsibility for caring for aging loved ones falls on family members who are also juggling their own work and family challenges. Which means you can’t always be there, but you don’t want to let them down.

Smart home devices enable you to remotely monitor and manage your  loved one in their own home. They can accommodate the common frailties of age: increased risk of falls, impaired vision, decreased mobility, memory lapses and more.

Watch the video to learn how remote monitoring and management of the home can help you keep them home and happy.

Our Approach


Assist older people to maintain wellbeing and independence so they can stay in their own home for longer


Make life more social, convenient, and most importantly safer for them with peace of mind for you


Remote management and use of discrete cameras, smoke detectors, lights, climate control, TV and much more

Solutions for Home Automation in Sydney

Are you exploring the best solutions for home automation in Sydney? Let Home and Happy advise you on a system that puts you in charge of everything, from lighting to television and audio, security, and even climate control. Not only is this convenient, but it can also reduce your energy bills.


Smart Home Automation in Sydney

A ‘smart’ home is when you use the Internet of Things to control various functions with a remote. It was named ‘smart’ control because automation integrates all your home’s systems and devices. You can switch things on or off and adjust anything from the temperature to the light level in a room at the touch of a button.


Home Automation for the Elderly

An overlooked aspect of home automation is how beneficial older people and their families may find it. State-of-the-art technology can allow them to retain their independence for much longer. Remote controls can assist with mobility issues and even hearing and vision loss. Seniors do not have to wander around looking for a switch and risk injury by falling. Instead, our innovative home automation technology for Sydney residents can ensure everything is seamlessly automated.

Image by Alexander Grey

What We Offer



Walk thru of the home with a report on what devices are needed to support your loved one



Installation and training of your device selection so you know how it all works

Shop The Range

Know what you already want, shop now for smart home devices.


Check on them real-time


Helping from a distance



Knowledge base for install & setup


Stories, tips & tricks, ideas, etc.

Free Resources

Access a range of our free resources to help your loved one stay in their home for longer, and feel more at ease with it


How It Started

For the past 3 years I have been juggling caring for my 85-year-old Mum with full time work and raising my two children as a single parent. Mum is fiercely independent and lives by herself over an hour's drive away, so I can’t easily pop in to help or visit.

Home and Happy has grown out of my need to provide the care Mum deserves while managing the rest of my life.


Our Difference

Advice from Experts who understand
Simple to use, cost effective solutions
Quick to install and setup
Peace of mind and Thoughtfulness


"Leesa from Home and Happy was great.  She took the time to understand what I needed and it wasn't long before we had a working solution in place.  Now when I call mum we can both see and hear each other, and mum doesn't need to lift a finger to take the call.

Sarah from NSW

" We need to keep a closer eye on Mum and Dad these days, but we didn't want to overwhelm them with lots of smart home devices.  So we're starting with a video doorbell.  Even though I live 3 hours drive away I'll be able to keep an eye out for any security concerns.  Home and Happy have made the whole process hassle and stress-free."

Ian from NSW

"It's been great working with Home and Happy.  I'm now able to manage mum's carers coming and going multiple times a day, without needing to be there. The peace of mind is priceless."

Jacquline from NSW

4 Essentials to Keep Your Loved One Home and Happy

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