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A Complete Home Monitoring System

Caring for an ageing loved one, especially from a distance, can pose numerous challenges. Our innovative home monitoring system provides remote insights into that person’s daily life while tracking their safety and wellness. Our technology ranges from a monitored home security system to a rudimentary home monitoring for the elderly, depending on your requirements.

A home monitoring system is the best way to oversee who enters or leaves your home and detect suspicious movement around the property. If the system picks up a potential intruder, it will sound an alarm that requires you to enter a code to turn it off.


Central Control and Integration

The system requires sensors on all doors, windows, and other areas to be covered. One can control such a system centrally or integrate it with a smart home system if you have one. There are three main types when it comes to a monitoring system for the elderly in the home.


From Emergency Response to Telehealth

You can select elementary wellness devices to monitor vital health parameters such as heart rate and sleeping patterns. A personal emergency response system (PERS) with motion detectors and cameras is a more advanced home monitoring system. It is ideal for watching over someone with dementia, for example.

Lastly, there are telehealth or remote patient monitoring services available. Whatever your needs for a senior home monitoring system, Home and Happy can provide professional advice and the latest technology.

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