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Do you have parents or loved ones ageing at home?
Are you starting to get concerned about falls, accidents, and their general safety?
Are you time poor, and not able to be with your elderly loved one as much as they need?
Do they want to support them stay at home, but you feel confused about how to keep them safe?
Smart Care uses smart home devices to save you time, money, and stress in supporting your elderly loved one stay happily at home.

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Inside the guide you will find:

How to know when smart home devices are right for you
What residential care operator won't tell you
How to set yourself up for success with the right mind set
Must have to keep them home and happy

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Plus we’ll introduce you to the power of Smart Care and how it can give you peace of mind


A little bit about how it all started


For the past 3 years I have been juggling caring for my 85-year-old Mum with full time work and raising my two children as a single parent. Mum is fiercely independent and lives by herself over an hour's drive away, so I can’t easily pop in to help or visit. She has suffered a rapid decline in her wellbeing and quickly required a lot more assistance to remain at home.

I needed to find a way to care for her and maintain my own life responsibilities. I needed a smarter way that allowed me to check-in quickly and regularly, that wasn’t going to break the bank. I researched, and tested technology in my mother’s home to remotely manage and monitor her home.

So now I see Mum in person as well as check-in and help her remotely when I’m at home with my children

I drop in and chat on video, adjust the room temperature when it's too hot or cold, I know when food is burning on the stove to call in help, I also change the channel on the TV or put a movie on to name a few.


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